Construction and Buildings

  Water is a very important ingredient in construction of building, bridges or any other structure. The impurities in water mainly chlorides can be a major concern and a reason for bad quality construction. These impurities need to be removed from water before applications. We provide various solutions such as water treatment plants to remove these impurities and then use this water for application. We also provide chemical treatment for water if the impurity levels are lower and can be resolved by using chemical treatment. 

Buildings and apartments require waste water treatment systems to treat the human waste and reuse for other purposes such as gardening or flushing. We provide customized solutions to cater to these requirements as well  

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    Water Filtration Solutions

    Filtration solutions include Depth filtration such as sediment filtration and activated carbon filtration. These are commonly used as pre-treatment in most of the complex water treatment systems.

    Membrane Solutions

    Water can be treated through semi permeable membrane to get refined water quality. Membrane solutions technology can be Ultra-Filtration (UF), Reverse Osmosis (RO) or Nano-Filtration (NF) depending on application and desired water quality.

    Deionization Solutions

    Deionization has been the most traditional and proven technology to receive demineralized water at an economical per unit cost. Deionization can be achieved with Cation and Anion exchange and a combination of mix bed reactor.

    Waste Water Solutions

    Reusing of water is the most important need in the 21st century due to depletion in fresh water resources. Waste water treatment solutions will depend on parameter of output water to achieve and application of output reusable water.

    Chemical Water Solutions

    Water treatment chemicals for specific applications can improve the efficiency of the systems. They can also be used in treatment plants to optimize the results of output water parameters.

    High Purity Water Solutions

    Some industries such as pharma and semiconductors require high grade of purity of water which require ultrapure water purification systems. These are complex multistage systems with usage of high-grade Stainless Steel 316L.


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