Water Treatment Chemicals

Water treatment chemicals are used in various application in industries. One of the major application is process improvement in key machineries in the industry such as boilers, cooling towers, waste water treatment plant, etc. Other important application is acting as a catalyst in complex water treatment systems to achieve certain parameters such as desired pH, anti-scaling property, disinfection, etc.

We manufacture various speciality water treatment chemicals for industries in applications such as boiler water treatment, cooling tower water treatment, descaling and anti-scaling, disinfection, flocculation and many such applications.   

  We provide these solutions to various industries such as pharma, textile, power, steel, fertilizers, chemical processing, hospitality, etc. Our solutions have helped our customers improve efficiency and reduce maintenance cost of their key machinery which requires water for operation


Water Treatment Chemical           

Applications -Corrosion inhibition, Oxygen scavenging, Antiscalant, pH control

Form - Liquid

Applications - Corrosion inhibition, pH control, scale inhibition, Descaling,

Form - Liquid

Applications - Scale Inhibition, Descaling, CIP cleaning

Form - Liquid

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